Ridge vent end cap and water infiltration

I am trying to track down a moisture issue in my attic. Bath room vents, stairway, soffit vents have all been checked and are working as they should, ie sealed and properly vented.

Still, 90% humidity.

I know I have an imbalance of soffit vents to ridge vent, soffits at 170 NFA vs 460 with the ridge vent, which runs 38 feet across. It’s a 1064 sq ft attic space.

I did notice that the ridge vent hole was cut right to both edges of the roof, not to 6” as Quarrix requires. They shingled over the 6” ends.

Could water be running between the clapboard and plywood?
The attic walls at each end are reading 22% moisture like the rest of the attic. Would I notice dripping and actual water on them if water was coming in through the ridge ends?


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