Ridge Vent For Metal Roofs

I have a “screw down” profile metal roof on my 3 year old house and have a question about replacing the ridge vent - if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Our current vent is profiled roll out type with a metal cap over the top. In my opinion (from a limited amount of research) we have a lot of factors working against this system working well: Cathedral ceilings, steep roof pitch, cold climate, and an extremely windy sight. And we don’t seem to get much ventilation thru the roof at all - either in the attic space or in the cathedral area.
Will changing the existing passive vent to a baffled vent really improve air flow – per the manufacturers suggestion of wind over baffles creating negative pressure? And if so, why aren’t there any manufacturers showing this type of installation? It seems like we could use Air-Vent’s MultiPitch Filter Vent if we put closures on the roof to make a flat surface to mount it to. But, it doesn’t seem like any one shows this detail as an option. And in looking around at metal roofs in the area I don’t see any other types of vents - most are closed totally or have the same system. I just don’t see how a (potentially crushed) roll of nylon fiber with a steeply angled aluminum cover over it can allow much air flow.

Any constructive suggestions would be appreciated!