Ridge vent goes in "last"?

I’m in the process of getting my house re-roofed. I had posted a few weeks ago and got a lot of helpful responses.

The roofing project consists of putting in OSB decking (there was no decking before) and the shingle is Presidential TL. The decking is done, and most of the shingles are in on the second story roof (the roofer used 30# felt underneath). The roofers haven’t touched the boxes of ridge venting (Shingle Vent 2). I asked them about it and they said it goes in later. That seemed odd to me. Maybe they have cut the OSB for the vent but are just waiting to put it in?

I am asking here to get the truth on when ridge venting is supposed to go in.

it will go on last, just before the actual ridge cap. make sure they have cut the proper gap at the top according to the instructions on the box.

if its shingle over vent ridge then its second to last,the ridge shingles will go on top of it,but if its metal ridge vent then it will go on last :stuck_out_tongue: dont panic it sounds ok

Perhaps they are waiting to cut the peak open so they don’t get sawdust all over the decking or paper. I do this at times. First rain fall the wood dust/debris is long gone.

Sawdust on decking and felt=slip hazard.


They finished up today. The roof looks good.

There is some black shingle gunk that got tracked on a few shingle on the roof in the front of the house. I think it got on the bottom of someone’s foot. Anyone know if that indicates a problem with the shingle? They shouldn’t be melting in the sun!

probaly a scuff mark from a foot dragger…Pick Up Those Feet!!.. :mrgreen:

Will it come off?

No, niether will tar if its that… :frowning:


Will it come off?[/quote]

If the marks are a problem for you, simply point them out to your contractor and ask him if he would please change those few shingles out for you. I’m sure he’d be more than happy to do so.