Ridge Vent Installed On Hip Roof

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Judging by what I’ve read here and in other places, having the ridge vent installed on the hip roof of my home was big mistake. We can tell the difference in the comfort level of the living area and in the utility bill.

The wife and I have decided to go back to powered ventilation, even though the ventilation didn’t seem the greatest with the original powered ventilation that came with the house. We are considering solar powered ventilation. I’m sold on it, but the wife is skeptical because it doesn’t seem that the conventional powered ventilation would use that much power and, thusly, make enough of an impact on the utility bill to justify the cost of the more expensive solar powered system.

So, I suppose I have two questions…

How soon will the solar powered system pay for itself when you consider the difference in the power bill between solar powered and conventional?

Upon installation of the powered ventilation system, will it be necessary to replace the ridge vent with a conventional ridge?

Thank you for your time and knowledge!! :smiley:

Ok for use of any other vents on the roof you will need to remove the ridge vent, should not be much there if it is a hip roof. Your problem is 2 things, a lack of ridge vent length and probably soffit vents. As far as solar or powered, personally the few dollars you will spend every month on it will out last the solar effect in the winter where there is little sun. It will not work when there is no sun and if it does not for long. I would use a hard wired one with a humidistat and thermostat. Hope this helps

Thanks, gtp!

In citing my soffit vents as one of my problems, do you mean that there probably isn’t enough of them or that there is a better alternative to soffit ventilation?

Next time I do my roof, I am going to install a whole house fan, use a standing seam panel for the roof, eliminate all rooftop ventilation, open the gables wide, and set the WHF on 99 degrees in the attic.

This will not only force the attic air turnover, but cut down on my utilities by dragging a nice draft through the house when it is on. :slight_smile:


Solar powered vents - Electric powered vents. Cost should be about the same.

Solar powered less expensive to install
Electric powered vents cost more to install because of wiring.

Solar powered starts to vent at dawn.
Electric powered starts around noon

Solar powered needs little light to run.

If you leave the ridge vent in, that will be the source of the air the fan take out. leaving most of your attic with dead air. Worse then just ridge vent.

ive installed solared powered roof vents, and they really pull some air.
but i think a powered gable vent wood work for you.
it wood pull air in the side and push it out your ridge vent.



It is a hip roof.

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It is a hip roof.[/quote]

Yeah, I want to see gweedo install a gable vent on a hip roof! :mrgreen: