Ridge vent ll installation

I just had a new roof installed and a ridge vent ll system.
I can see a good 1/2" or more of the shank of the nails between the bottom of the vent and the shingles. Some of the joints running along the ridge are raised up and not lined up for a smooth line. Does this sound normal. I think there is potential for leaks.
Thanks DB


If I understand you correctly, you have problems.

It looks like the where the bottom of the edge of the vent bridges over between 2 thicker shingles is where we have the biggest problem. The shingles are Presidential TL. Would filling the gaps with caulk be a good fix? Thanks for the help.

With a roof like that the roofer should have taken care of this. To better undertsand what you are talking aobut please post a few pictures so we can get a better idea what you are talking about and be able to help you get it fixed correctly. I do not guess so that is my only way of knowing what is going on, sorry for the trouble. Thanks