Ridge Vent options

Need some expert advice on different ridge vent options. I live in NJ. Got 2 separate quotes for a new roof.

The 1st contractor’s quote includes Cobra Snow Country ridge vents. The company is listed as a GAF master elite etc…

The 2nd contractor said he would not use the Snow Country on his own home as it is made of plastic and would warp/contract due to the heat and that after a few years, the ridge vent would no longer look nice and straight. He suggested using the Cobra mesh roll.

Never considered this possibility.

The current ridge vent on the house is the Cobra, not the snow country. No issues with it. We plan on staying another 15+ years, so I would rather not have to call them back to replace the ridge vent during that time.

Any expert advice on whether I should go with the Snow Country or just stay with the Cobra mesh?

Thank you.

The snow country breathes better. The mesh type is popular with installers because it can be installed with nail guns while the snow country cannot. In the near 30yrs I’ve been doing roofing, have yet to see any issues with the non-mesh type of RV warping from heat, and I’m in a warmer climate than NJ.

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Thanks for the feedback roofermann. I’ve leaning towards the Snow Country contractor. Their proposal is $15,200 (its actually cheaper by about $1500k than the other one). The $15,200 includes:

  1. Ripping out and removing existing 2 layers of shingles (former owners doing)
  2. Deck Armor underlayment
  3. Snow Country Ridge Vent
  4. Weatherwatch Ice and water barrier
  5. Drip edge
  6. GAF starter shingles
  7. 2 Velux skylights with solar room darkening blinds
  8. Replacing (not reusing) step flashing on gable wall + 3 dormer windows
  9. GAF Golden pledge warranty 50 year parts/25 labor
  10. Clean gutters and make adjustments to gutters if necessary
  11. New flashings on all pipe protrusions and chimney
  12. Permaboot on plumbing pipes.
  13. Timberline HD shingles

Would you say that this proposal is fair? or am I getting fleeced? company is rated A+ by the BBB.

The house is approximately 2800 sq feet colonial.

Thanks again.

I have no idea what the prevailing labor rates are in your locale, so I can’t really say. Is that 2800 ft number the roof area or the foot print?

The 2800 sq ft is the foot print. I don’t know what the roof area is.

The roof area is what the roofers will base the price on, depending on pitch and overhang size could be 3000 or more

I’m with roofermann on this - the mesh is cheap garbage and the plastic will last until the next time the roof needs replacing. As to getting fleeced, I don’t think you are. It’s a fair price for the work and materials he’s providing - above average materials, above average warranty and a few extras with your gutters, the sun tubes, etc.

I’d say it’s a fair price where he’s not gouging you and you’re not squeezing him for every last penny, which is what is allowing him to provide you a quality roof at a fair price. Well done.

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