Ridge Vent Question on Metal Roof

Was hoping to get your guys opinion on my new metal roof installation that I recently had done on my 1200 sqft. 47’ by 17’ on both sides single pitched bungalow roof.

I am concerned that the ridge vent might be installed incorrectly. It runs the entire length of the house on the outside but it stops 2’ or so from the end on the inside plywood cutout which i believe is fine and carries on for maybe 13’, but then the inside cutout stops for about 13’ in the middle of the house and then carries on for another 13’ more to the other end and stops 2’ or so from the end again.

Shouldn’t the cut out span the entire length of the roof ridge minus the end sections a few feet? The gap on the cutouts seem fine as they are about 2 to 3 inches or so on the inside and they have the screening installed underneath. It is just the length I am questioning. Thanks.

Post some pictures so we can see what you are describing.

Sorry I was going to do that, but didn’t have any at the time of my post.

The first pic shows the ridge vent overall.
The second shows the cut on the one side of the house.
The third shows the middle not cut which spans the 12’ to 15’ or so.
Then fourth shows the other side of the attic that has the vent cut the other 12’ to 15’ on the exit.
The last on shows where it stops on the middle.

This is reasonably common practice and in the case of your roof pictured, you have well more than enough ridge vent to provide the attic ventilation you need. You probably have 50% more than you need.

I’d be concerned with venting the deck/metal void

Thanks Authentic. Just saw all these images online showing the ridge vent cut the whole way through, so just wanted to make sure.

Sorry Darkthirty not sure what you mean?

I’ve seen the fasteners rust out from no ventilation between deck and metal.

Im confused.
I am assuming you didnt notice that this roofer double battened this roof, right?
2x4s running vertically, 1x3s running horizontal
Plus ridge vent.
If you did notice,
How could he have ventilated it any better?

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You’re right if that’s the system.