Ridge Vent & Whole House Fan

I own a middle unit townhouse. The only vent in the roof as far as I can tell is a ridge vent. I am thinking of installing a whole house fan in my attic floor to help better distribute cooler air through the house since the attic and second floor are very warm. Would a whole house fan work well with a ridge vent, or should I look into getting the roof vented in another way if possible? The manufacturer said for the fan unit I want, I need to make sure I have 2 1/2 square feet of net free venting. My townhouse is 18 feet wide, and I’m pretty sure the ridge vent goes across the full width of the house.


It’s very easy to screw up ventillation and I’d suggest getting advice from someone that can eyeball the situation. Here’s some basic ventallation information.


If the guy you call doesn’t know about the 1/300 rule, call someone else.