Ridge Vent

I am finally ready to do the ridge vent on part of my roof. I have intersecting ridges. I was planning on running the ridge vent to the end, put as you can see in the photo that does not work unless I bend the Ridge Vent. I am using Shinge Vent II. I cannot see how to run the Shingle Vent under the Shingle. So I think my only option is to add some Ridge Vents and then do the Shingle Vent as I show in one of the photos.

Any suggestions on how best to ridge vent this area.

Search back a few pages. Ax posted some good pix of that detail.
As for the regular ridges, here’s a page. Ridge Cap/Vent Details

We call ridge vent…“continuous ridge vent”… we continue installing it from end to end. Some companies like to back of the ends saveral feet before installing ridge vent.

I like to continue the vent all the way where the top of each valley is. I start about 6-7" down each side of the baffles.

Use my tin snips and cut at a 45 degree toward the center of the vent, flip the vent over and snip any excess particle that will allow the vent to taper ( or dive into the valley). Now install the vent and shingles over it and tie them into the other shingles going across.

May sound confusing, and may take a couple tries the first time you do it.