Ridge vents....all the way to the edge or no?

I am in the process of having a house built and they put ridge/hip vents on. They stopped them probably 2 inches before the edge of the roof. Honestly, I know a lot of houses have it this same way but I think it looks ugly. I wish they had ran it to the edge (not the slot…but just the vent itself…or used some other venting…I’m not a fan of ridge vents). It looks like a shingle fell off as it is…because the vents are pretty high profile. It just doesn’t look right.

Would they have to take everything apart in order to install it to the edge? I pretty much assume my builder won’t change it for me…they have not been very willing on other stuff. Seems like they want to get in and get out. How much might it cost for to hire someone to fix this issue after? I think I have ridge vents on 3-4 different areas of the roof. Thanks.

If they left it short of the edge by a small amount they would probably have to remove the pieces on each end and extend them, it depends on what kind of vent they used and what they have to nail into on the end.
If it’s a hip roof you can only go so far with the vent before it looks funny and/or you have issues fastening it.

This really is a non-issue, but if you want to give your roofer a hard time just go up on the roof and take pictures of anything that doesn’t look right to you and post them here with Imgur.com and we will pick it apart for you.

Chances are pretty good that we will find stuff that actually matters and needs addressing, because that is just the way roofers and the residential roofing industry is.

Most of the roofs I replace are incorrectly installed in some way or another, a lot of time they get away with it.
The most common offenses are fasteners in the wrong place and poor flashing work.

Complaining that the ridge vent is two inches from the edge???


Its just a matter of pulling some cap shingles off and extending the vent.
I wont price it bc I dont know your market prices but probably 1 man 4 hours. If it’s super hard to reach could take a little more time.
I would like to know which hip vent you used.

Ridge vent are called “Continuous ridge vent”, this means they should continue all the way to the end. However, The ridge vent cut should stop at the interior wall (avoid cutting the soffit open, contractors on new construction cut the soffit often). If the soffit is closed (2 foot overhang for example), the ridge should be cut out half way to allow the soffit to breath (if there is intake as well).

We do it both ways. I always ask the homeowner what they want because I’ve been in this exact situation before.

We always run short a foot in a half on dormers going into valleys for water flow reasons but on peaks we ask the customer what they prefer. We’ve done them 1 foot short and then had to add a foot on the ends.