Ridge vents in Minnesota?

Here in my 18-yr old neighborhood in Minnesota, I don’t see a lot of ridge vents, even though a lot of roofs got re-shingled this summer. Is there any reason not to add ridge vents in snowy, very cold, very windy Minnesota? My roofer has proposed adding them (replacing box vents) on our home. We have increased soffit ventilation already as siding was replaced.

By all means, get the ridge vent and eliminate the other vents. I’m in Boston, it get really cold here. Ridge vents are great.

Not a fan of ridge vent here in MN. Heard of 3ft snow drifts in attics due to ridge vent on a low pitch roof.

If I were to bid to cap off air vents and add ridge vent it wouldn’t be cheap. Not only all the cutting but also the warranty.

On a 8/12 and up shure but any pitch lower not a good idea.

10 years and thousands and thousands of air vents with no known leaker.

6 years in lake effect battered upstate ny…1000’s of 4/12 ridgevents…never a problem. although i use snow country ridge vent by GAF, not the cheap 4" wide aluminum crap!!

Well, I’m glad I didn’t ask a stupid question, since there is some difference of opinion on it. The majority say use ridge vent, and I will. However, I do recognize a difference between Minnesota snow and lake effect snow (as a native Michigander and 12-yrs in Upstate NY). In Minnesota the same 60" of snow blows around for 4 months without melting.
My roofer offered a mesh “brillo pad” type of vent, or the GAF Cobra “Snow Country” product. There is one endorsement of the Snow Country above. Is it clearly superior?

dont use the rolled “brillo” use the snow country ridgid vent.

Thanks, we’re going with Snow Country. Talked with my roofer, the stuff he was recommending was the very similar Ridge Runner rollout product. But I see that Snow Country vents more effectively in the GAF brochures.

not only does it vent more effectively, but with the “brillo” type product you referred to, the weight of the snow crushes the vent down and then the nails pop through the caps and then they blow off. I’ve seen it a hundred times. I’m a certainteed guy, but I still use snow country ridge vents, never had a problem with them leaking or anything yet.

I am outside Chicago, and we get lots of cold and snow, and I have GAF brillo vent on hundreds of low slope roofs, and I have never had one pop the nails or blow off.

What kind of crazy tales are being told here?

Snow Country is made for snow country.


I’m not telling tales. I call it like I see it. I installed hundreds of those ridge vents too, but I’ve seen it lots (not my work either) and now I don’t sell it. Maybe you’ve been lucky. And now theyre selling that gunnable Cobra, hate to see the results of that. You can sell what you want but I wouldn’t lie to you buddy. Only ridgid ridge vents for me.

Do you have any pics of the snow in action?

You know what killed me? When they came out with those dumb nails cuz people couldnt install it without the waves. I mean for chit’s sake, pay attention!

Lol. Fuggedaboudit! Yeah, I sat on a ridge and watched the snow crush it. No, I did not get a picture of snow crushing a ridge vent, but I saw them crushed with nails popping through the caps in the winter. I couldn’t see any other explanation of how they got that way. What do you suppose did that damage?

Accually i have seen the brillo pad in action bringing in snow. The extrenal baffles in snow country just like air vents shingle vent 2 prevent this problem. Also very few can get the brillo pad to sit down straight and without waves. There has been issues with cloging on the brillo type i have seen in my years. As far as nail pops cant say i have seen this. I personally like the snow country style and since it is very similar to shingle vent 2 i would use it rather than the brillo type.

Wow, our whole roof got done today from start to finish. 9 guys, 1000 sq ft (2 story walkout) + 3 car attached garage, 6/12 pitch, Elk Prestique I, Snow Country vents, 7:00AM - 4:30 AM done, cleaned up, and gone. Looks great, give me a couple of hot days yet this fall please!
[Thanks for the advise guys!]

The only time I have seen nails pop through a shingle-over ridge vent was when some idiot stepped on it after it was installed.

gtpe, wsa the vent properly installed? What was creating the negative pressure to suck the snow in?

This conversation reminds me of something. We had 3 different insurance adjusters visit the roof in the process of evaluating our claim. Two of them stood directly on the old ridge. I’m not a roofer, but used to help my dad out as a kid, and I knew enough not to do that.