Ridge vents - left uncapped?

My contractor just finished up my roof. They installed 3 ridge vents. 2 of them are along the primary ridge (high visibility) area.

They capped the ridge, but did not cap over top of the ridge vents, which makes for 2 “breaks” in the ridge and looks awful IMO (pics attached).

Is it standard practice on a barrel tile roof to use ridge vents and then leave them exposed like this?

I spoke to my contractor about this and he assures me this is standard practice. I didn’t think it was right. So I went off to do some research before talking to him again.

I’ve looked at hundreds of pictures online and driven 5 neighborhoods in my area and have not seen anything like this. in fact, online I found a video where the vent was capped (barrel tile) and just not mudded (they nailed it into the vent but didn’t mud it, I assume to allow airflow since it’s a vent after all). However that was only 1 video.

So before I talk to him again, I thought I’d get some additional opinions.

Comments/opinions on standard practices appreciated.

Additional 411:

Southwest Florida
Barrel tile
Complete tear off and re-roof (down to decking and some rot replacement of deck)
46 squares


There are lots of ways to vent a tile roof and that wouldn’t be my favorite. Ask the contractor to provide the manufacturers installation manual. That should tell you if it was done right.