Ridge vents

Hello, im having a tough time getting an answer to my question…
My house is a fifty year old home and does not have a traditional attic the entire upper floor has vaulted ceilings (cathedral). The house is currently vented between each rafter located at the soffit on each side of the house. insulation is still original to when the house was built and very minimal. Is the ventilation I have sufficient or should I install a ridge vent? I’m sure this would help with relieving summer heat but will it be a hindrance in the winter for heating?

Thanks for any advice!

You would need a ridge vent to allow air to flow from the eaves up to the ridge peak. This is of course as long as there’s no insulation blocking the air flow along the way. If so you have to allow air flow between the decking and insulation. One way is from the inside the other is on the roof.

We’ve already done two this year by removing the shingle and decking, pulling up a couple inches of insulation, installing baffles, new decking w/h clips, underlayment, shingles, done deal. Both had more additional souffit vents installed.

Ridgevent is a definate plus and will improve your success to obtain proper ventilation.,However careful consideration when choosing a product to meet your venting needs is as important as ventilation itself.,Choosing the wrong product can have adverse effects as not having ventilation at all.,I can give advice for products we have used and had optimal success and products we have used that had not performed to our expectations.Depending once again on different variables associated with these products I can advise you on what we have felt has been a superior product versus not functionable to our needs. We no longer use Cora/vent due to its ability to retain water and we no longer use Owens Corning Roll/vent because of buckling and using a coil nailer
to apply the product.Although you have to adjust air pressure I don’t like the finished look.I prefer GAF products they will help in either climate warm/cold and if you have alot of snow they have the Snow Guard series I like the high profile of the vent.I hope this helps LOL>