Ridgevent to end of house or not?


I need advice from professionals.

I just had my roof completed by a local company and noticed that my ridge vents did not go to the end of my house. They stopped short about 2 feet or so. I questioned this to my roofer due to the fact that my neighbors house has ridge vent to the end of his house - why the difference!

I was told that going to the end of the home is for looks only as all the opening in the boards that provide the ventilation do not go to the end - they stop short a few feet (which make sense).

I think the look of the ridgevent going to the end of the home looks much more pleasing to the eye!

Are both ways correct? Which method do you use?

everything you said is correct. i run mine all the way to the end (but not the cut )

It’s for looks only. You don’t want to cut the decking (plywood that shingles are nailed into) all the way from tip to tail or you have ain intrusion point on the ends of a gable. Plus, what are you venting?

I give my customers the option to run ‘tip to tail’ & the cost for parts is around $ 10.00 @ worst (one additional Cobra III stick if it’s 2’ eave on each end ‘cause the CIII is 4’ long).

It can still be fixed - ask the contractor to take one ridge vent (if it’s stick type) & cut it in 1/2, then nail it to the ends & shingle cap it.

If you have something like the long roll of ridge vent, then they only need to cut two 2’ sections each & again, nail in then cap over. It will probably take longer to drive over than to do the work.

If this is the biggest of your concerns, then yeah… it’s an easy day.


We run ours to the end of the roof. It is for looks. Our roofs look better.

both ways work.

End to end is the most eye pleasing. Easy to fix as previously stated.

I don’t really have a preference. However, this is food for thought. Perhaps we will from now.

Our biggest issue at the rake ends is that framers (not carpenters) don’t realize that the peak of the roof is indeed the peak of the roof.
So we usually ADD 2" pieces of plywood @ the ends so the drip edge doesn’t get all botched up trying to fit over a “round corner” :stuck_out_tongue:

We always run it continuous,as do all pro roofers in these parts. Otherwise it would make the job look ridiculous.


you only vent the attic area,not the gable overhang,if you like it better go to the ends

You will be happy with your ridge vent when a real strong wind comes along and you watch your neighbor’s ridge blow away while yours remains in tact.

GAF cobra vent if done properly “that includes running it to the end” will not blow off. Have thousands of feet installed ,a lot of it right on the ocean in high wind areas and no problems and it looks good too.


i never used the kind or vent you guys are refering to. Never had the problem.