Roadboss Question on flashing of flat roof

Thanks “Roadboss” for the quick reply. The question of the flashing for the flat roof… There is an adjacent wall.

Contract 1 reads…base (“L”) flashing where necessary.
Contract 2 reads…"Flash wall and applicable details with one modified bitumen cap sheet, install and seal termination bar and metal counter flashings as needed.

Thanks again…Nat

i think its roofboss,


You want to go with option 2. Contractor’s that use L-flashing are more interested in doing the job quickly, not necessarily doing it right. With that said, there are some instances where you have to use L-flashing, but since someone gave you another option I have to assume your job isn’t one of those situations.

contract #2 is the proper solution

definately contract#2-
-it covers all of your options and suggestions as well as theirs on job applications.

Agreed; it seems as if # 2 is the more thorough option.

PS: Where in Miami are you located? I lived in Fort Lauderdale for 25 years & worked in Hialeah Gardens for 4+ years / Perrine for 1+.