Rodney Dangerfield - Contractor?

Yes, it’s true! According to his bio, before finally getting his big break as a comedian in his 40’s, R.D. sold aluminum siding in order to feed his family before eventually starting his own contracting company. No wonder he got no respect!

Part of the bio (on Biography)tells about him being on the Ed Sullivan show (1st time) while still selling siding. While closing a sale in a customers home, he asked the customer if he could turn on the show. R.D.'s sitting on the customers couch with the
HO when Sullivan comes on and R.D. is doing his act. The customers response… :o interesting

Find the movie the tin men w/ danny divito.

I remember the day “Tin Man” came out. I and 9 other people where there for the matinee - all were contractors.

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