Roll roofing vs IWS

The insurance companies always want to change our claim submissions of IWS to roll roofing which, as you know, is inferior and a ton cheaper. Have any of you successfully fought that on claims and, if so, what did you say?

It really isn’t that much different. I tell them I’m the roofer and we’re installing IWS, and that’s what we’re going to bill for. Of things I want to put up a fight for, this one is fairly far down the list because the bottom line dollar difference isn’t that great.

Thanks! For us, roll roofing is usually about only 1/5 of what IWS is. So, it’s a fairly big deal.

You’re saying the Xactimate rate for equivalent amounts of roll roofing is 1/5th what IWS is? What is your zip code? I’d have to see that to believe it.

Zip code at our office is 63103. Otherwise, there are about 105 zip codes in our service area!

IWS is $142 per SQ in your area, Roll Roofing $99.98 per SQ. So there is a difference but nowhere close to 1/5.

I looked at the claim paperwork again and roll roofing ended up being 55% lower cost than ice and water. Obviously, not as bad as I originally thought. The measurement was off considerably between the claim paperwork and our estimate and that’s why I made the mistake I did.