Rolling tar

so i got a 250sq job i live in Wisconsin the architect is from houston tx and this is what he had a do i just had to post it i battled with him for a month over it 3 runs of ice and water (moisture barrier) or grace some names for it depending on where you live which is great it had 8 foot eves i agree then roll tar on it 20 inch tarpaper and repeat till we were off the ice and water all this for 65 a square price set had a set of valls run into walls and a dead wall but i could only flash it i ended up telling him to take the job and shove it was like call me when it leaks or you want a steel and epdm/tpo roof did i mention i am in wisconsin and it was a 3 pitch maybe

Your post just made me dizzy. Punctuation please.

Grace + stainless fasteners + shorter exposure + larger lap.
Did your architect know about this?

trust me i tried to explain it and for the other i am a roofer not a writer who needs punctuation

You don’t need to be a writer. That little period key requires no more skill than the letter keys :wink:

lol I think it was stuck that day.