Roof addition

I am building an addition onto the back side of my house and i am wanting to just step the addition down a few steps that way i do not have to bother the existing roof. The new roof will run straight with the existing roof. What is the best way to attach the new roof to the existing trusses?

Without some measurements and some existing structural information it could be something as easy as going off the top plates of the outer wall and gable end your wanting to extend or add to.

By straight, you mean parallel? You aren’t going to be able to attact the new roof to the existing trusses if I’m getting your drift; you’re actually going to have to attach it to the exterior bearing wall. Are you going to be using stick framing or are you going to be using pre-engineered trusses? You might also want to make certain that the bearing wall can tranfer the new loads as well…

Can you upload pictures of the existing structure. I may have some ideas for you.