Roof bid

Hey Guys,
Enjoy reading your comments on how to try and help each other out. I have a bidding question: How do I specifically charge for labor on step flashing and valley’s opposed to an easy straight gable or hip roof? Obviously, you can’t really charge per sq because the step flashing and and valley’s take so much longer? How do you do it?


When I owned my business in Virginia I charged $1 a foot for the step run. If I had to counter flash brick I would add an additional $3. That was 9 to 10 years ago though. I never charged extra for valleys. I would imagine that prices have changed quite a bit since then.


Chimneys around 100 bucks, valleys no change at least where im at same with vertical walls. Its part of the job. But hey where your at it may be different.

1st of all, don’t charge by the square, unless you are way way overcharging