Roof Chimney Flashing by foam pad roofer - finished product

This is the finished product by the roofer who was using foam pads/cushions to work from. ( earlier thread " anybody roof like this " )

What do you think???


Nail-ins right into the brick? :frowning:

What is the technique I use called whereas I use little lead wedges to affix my return into the reglet joint?

Could be worse…by the way I love foam pads on 7/12 pitches

I have done both ways. This way is the easy fast lazy way. I think its ugly. Is that trim coil stock they used? Maybe gutter stock, that would be much better. I like the step flashing/ counter flashing method better than doing it like that.

Thanks for posting the end result.
He’s another roofer without a soldering outfit I guess.
It will probably keep water out for awhile.

thats the most awsome looking thing ive ever seen!!!


My money is that the chimney brick is the source of the leak not the flashing.

Lefty, I take it you saw the mortar repair on the lower bricks.

Could very well be the problem.

Hi Dennis,

No, I seen that alot of the motor joints were wore. Most of the brick have the top edge of the brick exposed. This lets the water lay and soak the brick. Thus wicking water inside the house.

Everyone thinks that if water gets in the house, it is the roof or the flashing.