Roof color issue and details


I posted on another forum, but I thought I might also get some help here, I installed Tamko Thunderstorm grey class 4, I had 2 crews installing, one crew one side did a good random pattern with the colors, the other crew did a diagonal pattern that looks like a ladder and other ugly looking details.

I’ll post a picture of the result of the pattern and I would like some comments if anyone knows what could have caused this or if this is common for this to happen, the contractor is saying a defective shingle, but half the house with the other crew was good…

also I noticed the last line of shingles below ridge goes from half a shingle to 1/2" and the valley also looks all crooked.
they also installed next to that valley an area in a racking pattern…

just trying to see if you can noticed the points noted above and if you have any recommendations on what to do next, service is not completed yet.

contractor also had Tamko rep to get a sample because he keeps saying its a shingle defect, but like I said its just weird half of the house was done properly and also its almost 100 squares, weird to have so many bundles with defective shingles

Contact the Tamko Rep yourself. He will be able to answer your questions best.

If the shingles came from two lots it wouldn’t unusual for that many to be bad, what is unusual is that it isn’t the whole house.

Tamko is just opening a warranty claim, roofer wants to collect final payment and I’m a little screwed