Roof Condensation question. Please help!

Complete newbie here so I apologize in advance for… just everything… lol

Im in Southern California and just got the flat part of my roof redone. (it has a slight incline but still considered flat)
The roofer seems inexperienced so I’m hoping you fine people can help because i have no idea what I’m doing.
In the mornings, Ive been seeing puddles of water in my backyard and noticed that condensation from the new roof collects and drips down. I went up there at 7am and the whole flat roof was damp.
The nighttime weather drops to low 60’s and the back up to mid 80s during the day and there hasn’t been any rain. The upstairs of my house stays at about 78-80 degrees during the day, mid 70s at night (don’t really run A/C at night. sometime we run the fan only)

The roofer added 2" thermasheath foam insulation boards between the plywood of the roof and the roll out/ stick on new roof ( don’t know the actual name of it)
I have 2 roof vents and a solar attic fan for about 1000 sq ft roof.
I have no attic, ( just about 1-2’ between the ceiling and my roof, so i cant see whats going on underneath the roof.)

Tried to google the problem but cant find anything pertaining to my situation (warm summer weather/ condensation on top of the roof)
Im concerned about damage the condensation is going to cause.
I would greatly appreciate any insight on what is actually going on up there, if i should be concerned and how to fix the problem if i need to.
thanks in advance!

There is no problem. The roof is cooling down to dew point or less and collecting condensed dew. It appears the insulation is doing its job.

Phew! Thank you so much!
I was concerned that the water would soak through the insulation, into the plywood and house and cause mold issues or rot over time.

I appreciate response!

If the dew didn’t collect, that would show the roof system was holding heat instead of deflecting it…

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