Roof cost in Indianapolis

We are searching for a new home and found one on the south side of Indy that needs a new roof before we would be able to move in. What range would you expect the cost to be? What questions should I be asking when we get quotes?

I looked through other similar threads and will answer as much as I can… I will also attach a photo of the house (if I can figure out how) to give you an idea…

pitch? steep
kind of shingle?
brand of shingle? i would probably go for a 20 year roof vs. a 50 year roof
how high? 2 stories
tearoff? i doubt it; the house was built in 1994, but the roof is leaking - isn’t that an outomatic tearoff?
overlay? i hope so
hand nail? i doubt it; why would you?
time of year? summer
what other materials to be installed?
how big of a roof? the main floor is 2038 sqft
what kind of dripedge?
any special specs?
anything needs extra attention?

If a ? isn’t answered it is b/c I do not know the answer.

house photo

The link above will get you to a snapshot of the house.

Thanks for helping.

Ok indy. I do have a few questions tho.
How long are you planing on living in this home?
Why do you want a recover?
Why are you looking a low cost shingle on this type of home?

Reason i ask these questions is i would rather see someone use there hard earned money into something that will be a value based purchase rather than a do as little as possible to get it done.

Going over a home like that will cause problems down the road. Since you have vinyl siding on the home there will be little chance to properly flash the dormers and vertical walls on the home without a tear off. They will caulk the seam rather than properly flashing it normally.

Second is the 20 year shingle will not last 20 years on a recover. Matter of fact i dont even think they make 20 year shingles anymore. Atleast a good man. does not make them. Stay away from IKO whatever you do.

Are you plaing the flat roofs to be done at the same time??

To be honest your money is going to be better spent for the few thousand it will cost to remove the existing roof. It will last longer and perform better as time progresses. That is a very nice home you are looking at. My advise to you is to not get cheap with the biggest investment you have and not do the roof correctly. It protects everything inside the roof. Besdies how will you know if the deck is in good condition. I would have a professional over there look and see what is needing to be done before you spend money on a home. There could be alot of water damage in the attic. Insulation is not cheap nor is drywall work. Hope this helps. Please answer these questions and i will finish my little novel.

How long are you planing on living in this home?
2-3 years. We are military and move pretty often.
Why do you want a recover?
I assumed it would save money. If it needs to be removed, we would have it done. How much would that cost? (I see you answered that already… a few thousand.) Is it something that 2 somewhat handy men can tackle?
Why are you looking a low cost shingle on this type of home?
b/c we won’t be in it for long. We have to be able to get back what we put into it when we sell.
Are you plaing the flat roofs to be done at the same time?
Those areas are so relatively small that I would say yes. How much more intensive will that make the work?
Thanks for taking the time to reply. We will get a professional in there before we place a bid. We are just trying to figure out if it is worth it to even consider.

steer clear of the “HANDYMAN”. they are a jack of all trades…hire a roofer, he is a master of one!! you said you want to get your money back out of it… do the roof right with a good 30 year dimensional (architectural) shingle (GAF or CERTAINTEED) and it will give you the curb appeal to sell in a few years. that house is way to nice to do a “cheap” job. by cheap i dont just mean price…i mean not doing it right the first time.

since i do not have all the different pics of the home or do i have the dimensions length and width. I can ball park a tear off only. I dont like to guess but with the flat roofs your probably in the 10k mark. But get someone there that can measure the roof for you and give you a price and see if they can get it done or knock it off the bill of the home.



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Is the 10k for the tearoff only or for the tearoff and the whole job?

he is referring to the whole job.

Thanks. I am new here. :roll:

thats cool…thats why we are here :smiley:

Now mind you that is a guess i dont have the measurements. It could be 15k for all i know it is just a baseline on a home like that.

  1. Negotiate a full roof repair / tearoff / replacement.
  2. If you don’t have a dimensional on there now, get your mortgage note to bump up a bit (probably no more than 3.00 - 4.00 per month) & get a dimensional on the roof. I say “if there’s not one on there now” because usually repairs (roof or otherwise) are done in a “like for like” basis.
  3. Think of it this way: if the house had 2 layers on there now, would YOU want to buy it? Knowing it had 2 layers & then you might have to try & resell it to someone & a potential buyer might be scared to do a resale as well?
  4. At the time of re-roofing, be sure to have a full analysis of the ventilation & energy efficiency of the roof system. Make changes as reccomended by the roofer you choose. If there ARE problems or ways that the system can be imporoved, NOW is the time to find out.

The bottom line is that you wat to make the house as attractive as possible for the next potential owner & a re-rooof (in OUR opinion) is not worth the hassles. The % difference in cost isn’t worth the potential headaches down the road & I will venture to say that if any one of us were doing a real estate pre-sale inspection that we’d list this as an area that needed particular attention.

Good luck.

Obviously, based on your comments, a tear down is the way to go. You have thoroughly convinced me.

What is a dimensional?

architectural…GAF timberlines or Certainteed landmarks

go to to learn more

Strips / 3 Tab / Flat Type / 20 Year Type* Shingles = the same thing.

Architectural / Dimensional / Textured / 30 Year Type* Shingles = the same thing.

*Atlas makes what they call a 25 year 3 Tab & a 35 / 45 Year Dimensional Shingle. 99% of all homeowners aren’t going to remember:

a) What year they installed their shingles (or where to find the receipt a couple of decades later)
b) What they were told by the real estate agent or the seller of the house they bought.

PS: Make 100% sure that whoever you contract with removes ALL of your old / existing felt. Do a thread search & look for our discussions on that issue… it’s come up a lot.

hello help indy I would be more than happy to give you a roof estimate considering im in idpls.I can give you as many refrences as you like.Been installing roofs for about 23 yrs.And yes I would tear roof off so you can inspect for any possible rotten decking.Installing roof over another roof is called a recover and thats like putting a bandaid over the problem.If you want a free est.just call me at 317- 846-9480 we are in carmel.

Just the pic of your house from the front is not a real good way to even guess.

Im a Local roofing contractor in Indy, and would be more than glad to help you with any help that I can offer.

I am backlogged for the next 4 months but could help you with the pricing and finding you a quality contractor that isnt buried with work.

I can be reached at shinglemonkey AT