Roof Deck Surprises - Help!

Hi all.
We just started tearing off a roof deck because of some warped panels and venting issues.

We found that the framing is constructed such that roof panels rest on the eave and don’t lay flat on the rafters.

Here is a pic:

Is that OK?

If not; What is the best solution?

Can we trim the panels slightly short of the eave so the plywood lays flat; then make up the extra distance with the drip edge?


this ones not too bad because its low pitch. if the shingles cup at the eve because the fascia is too high the water can pool. then it will run left and right and leak. i usually cut down the fascia. you have to be like a surgeon with a sawzall or it will get ugly.
cutting back the ply will leave you with a flat spot. the old skool way we would run under course along the eve to feather that out. thats time consuming but you could not get a sawzall for $119 at Home depot either.


The plywood will not give you a problem. Leave it alone.

listen to lefty as he is both smart and good looking.

or… snap a line down the middle of fascia. Cut it and be done w/ it.
Sheesh. Rookies! :mrgreen:

Maybe it is better where you guys are, but in NW Indiana, I can gurantee you that every other roof has a problem where the deck meets the fascia. More garbage at the eaves than in the landfills.

This is an E-Z one!!!

or… pull the nails and slip a shim in there.
I’d still cut the overhang tho

and… put some vent chutes in between them thar rafters :!:

HOSS you might be right about that flat spot.
We carry a portable planer for that—bevel that fascia.
Sawzall is really not the right tool for this. It’ll work, but as you know it’ll be more work trying, too.

yip the planer the right tool for the job. had one once i bet the crackhead got 10 bucks for it.



Do not hire crackheads

Thanks guys. I’ve got a reciprocating saw but I found a circular saw worked much better. I just cut 1â€Â

Longer than most people think. They see us do it and assume it is a short “little” job. Only be being experienced and equipped, is it such a thing.
W/ the extra work you are doing I’d figure around 20 M/H for my crew


It is suposed to be sticky or gummy. That is how it works.

You can get a lot of ones that install easy. They do not stick or seal around the nails.

i dint hire him but it did not stop him from smashin the window.