Roof Decking and Fascia Board Gap Problem - Need Advice

New house. Cleaning gutters and notice 1.5" gap between roof deck and fascia board. The worst part looks about 10’ long but i can’t see the whole roof, since it is too high.

Builder looked at it and said he’d have one of his siding guys come out and install flashing to fill the gap. Is this acceptable? This is a pretty expensive home.

I also noticed exposed roofing nails in a few places on the peak of the roof. He said this was normal and they had to do it that way. I don’t believe him.




can you post some pics?

If by “exposed nails” you mean on the ridge cap, yes this is normal to have about 4 nails visible on the VERY LAST piece of shingle that caps off or terminates the other ridge cap shingles.

They should have silicone over them, however, so that they aren’t “truly exposed”. I also sometimes blast a quick shot of paint on the nails so it’s going to fully blend in however I’ve never actually met anyone that can find where the nails are by looking from the ground.

As for your decking & gap issues, I’m with Marshall - photos are required.

Take one from about 15 feet away, one from about 5 feet & then one up close with a measuring tape for scale. 1-1/2" Does seem to be a bit excessive, but I don’t really know what your exact situation is like.

Thanks guys. Will try to post pics by tomorrow. Is some gap acceptable, and if so, is flashing the solution, or should I asked the fascia board and gutter be replaced?
Pics by tomorrow.

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Until we see the photos, we can’t really tell you if your gap is a problem or not & if it IS an issue, how we’d approach it for a fix.

sounds to me like the carpenters prepped it for vented drip edge.

[quote=“RanchHandRoofing”]Say, Gary… can I get a low interest rate on financing my next GM vehicle? LoL


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hello GMAC,
the exsposed nails in the last cap are ok.
some people havent figured it out yet that you can glue the last peace down with tar. not to worry it still works.

and you should not be seein a gap between deck and fasha when cleaning gutters,
you should not see fasha or deck period.
shingles and evedrip should be covering all wood in that area.
tell us again were your lookin.


I was thinking this also.

Considering that vented drip edge isn’t that common a product (@ least here in Central Texas, anyhow) I would be against this line of thinking.

Also, if the carpenters prepped it then don’t you think they would tell you or @ least be doing it under someone’s instructions?

Then again, it’s possible Mr. Homeowner bought a house that already had this done to it & he wasn’t aware of this “design consideration” having been installed or set up.

Really, though - this is all speculation until we see photos.

PS: Say, fella… can you spare a spellcheck?

There should be an ice&water membrane extending over and beyond a metal dripedge.(metal, then I&W, then shingles; waters runs downhill). A gap that size if not covered(vented edging/fasia at least) will allow backflow from gutters and critters into the eaves.