Roof design question

I am designing my own home and it will be a single storey with full basement (main and basement built from ICF blocks). My questions is on the roof (see attached pictures). At present if you look on the roof on the left side of the entry there is a large amount of roof area that will direct rain, snow, etc into one drain point, my thought is that this is probably not a good idea??? Am I being over cautious or is this a real problem, second if it is a real problem does anyone have a suggestion as to another entry way roof design which keeps a similar look to the overall building?

I would like to send this off to the truss manufacturer to get a quote asap, so any replies would be appreciated.

I couldnt get pictures to post so here is a link to the pictures in another post. Thanks … fault.aspx

Where both valleys meet there ca be issues the rest of the roof is cut up but not do able. The double valley i would run grace icew and water and build a cricket in also to divide the water. Hope that helps

Good gutters with a water splash block on top of it at bottom of valley to keep it from shooting past gutter.

What area of the country do you live? If in the South where you get minimal snow/ice, it should probably be okay if you get a good roofer to do the install. If in the North, the double valley behind the entry gable could present problems down the road. Could being the key word. I’ve certainly seen a lot worse.

From what I can see if you change the entrance way it will throw out the front of the house.What I would recomend is Ice and watershield in the valleys,standing seam valleys,proper ventalation and use 6 in.gutters.I’d also clean out gutters atleast twice a year just to be certain they are not clogged or use a good guttergaurd that can take a high volume of water.The right roofer will know this though.I have roofed worser ones,so it’s do able.

That front entrance valley will cause you lots of problem, just make sure you got great insulation and ventilation (Intake and exhaust) and I would use modified bitumem for the lower section of the valley,
minimum of 6’of ice of water shield membrane and of course full underlayment and bigger eavestrough and down spouts and a proper gutter clean system.