Roof Disaster - Would Appreciate Some Advice

We just had a new roof put on. When contractor gave estimate, he said he thought gutters were fine. After he finished, we had a painter on the roof and he discovered that the roofer had put the drip edge over the brackets that held old guttering on. As a result, the entire length of the house front and back has huge hills and bumps where the brackets are. The drip guard is bent and sticks out all over the house. Shingles are also not even because of this.

Another contractor said the drip edge should have been put under the brackets which would have meant he should have taken off brackets. Another contractor said that they should have left the old flashing where it was even though it only covered half the wood. It had lasted 30 years with no water damage.

The contractor is in a rage because he said I should have had new guttering and it wasn’t his fault that I had crappy guttering. He never once mentioned this during the installation. He also said that if he had put the drip edge under the brackets there would be water damage in a year. He called the contractor who suggested this incompetent.

He said the only option was to splice or notch it and he didn’t have time to do that.

We are not pursuing anything with him anyway, but we don’t know what is right and what is wrong as far as having this done.

Would also like to know how much roofers charge for removing and putting back up lightning rods. He didn’t include that in his estimate so we need to pay him for that. He is so angry about us questioning his work, he wouldn’t tell us, but we want to make it right.



Sounds like he put edge metal over the top of bar hangers. That’s a no-no.

That’s what he did. That diagram is exactly like my gutter. Thanks for replying. What wuld you have done? Gone under the gutter?–He said my roof would leak within a year. When we asked him why he didn’t leave the old up, he said the old was “crap”. Even though it didn’t cover all the wood, there was no water damage. Would notching it now even help outside of making it look a little better? To take up his mess, we are going to have to have more shingles and another crew to fix it. We just don’t know how. Thanks again.

Well those types of hangers are a last resort and it’s never a great idea to nail/screw them through the shingles. Ideally you’d want to use or add a fascia board that has a large enough profile to facilitate fascia style hangers. If you were getting a new roof and they took it down to bare wood then what you can do is use cedar shingles on the roof edge between your bar hangers. This way the roof edge will be uniform instead of bumpy looking. Then go ahead and put your edge metal over the top of that and it should look nice and straight.

If you did a recover however, you got what you paid for.

Ok-thanks. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean about recover and got what I paid for. Got to tell you–I am a woman and knew nothing about anything on the roofing. I just went with who people recommended. I know I should have been on here before the fact but too late now. When I asked him if I needed new gutters, he said they were fine so do you mean recover like he had no choice?

Also, I paid him $9000 for a ranch house–about 1800 sq. feet,I think.

A recover is shingling over old shingles, or a layover.A tear off is just as it sounds, taking it to bare wood, and starting from scratch.
I would never do what he did.I always remove those style gutters,(most of the time they will be destroyed if you tear off around them) and re-install after roof is done,or suggest new seamless ones be installed.

Ok thanks. No, it was not a recover They tore off all the old shingles first. I guess now the best thing to do would be put new gutters in? He told us that they would have to tear off the shingles all around and new ones would have to be installed if we tookd that bent drip edge out. Which leads to another thing–he gave me six shingles extra. My brother and I thought we best not ask about any extra since he was going ballistic about the edge.

I would like to have it look nice, but am so afraid of having it messed up again.

in his defence,
me and alot of other roofers dont mess with peoples gutters. ususally they get torn up in the prosses.
havin said that he should have taken one bracket out at a time and put metal under the brackets.


I’m with Gweedo on this, I hate messing with gutters but to do a job right you have to all the time. And like he said taking one or two straps loose at a time and sliding the drip-edge under isn’t that difficult, just a pain. Trying to force it over gutter straps though has to be almost as much of a pain.

It’s my opinion when your investing that much money on somthing so important you should be able to question your roofer without having him lose his temper. No one likes to have his work questioned but if he’s confident in it he shouldn’t have a problem explaining how and why he did things the way he did. It’s crap isn’t much of an explanation.

If your still not satisfied after that I would try to reach a compromise with you to cover costs of the changes unless it was my mistake and then I would eat the cost myself. Satisfied customers and a good reputation beats a yellow page add every time :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the help.

Bill and gweedo, That is what another contractor who looked at his work said. We didn’t tell him we talked to aother person, but asked him why he didn’t do that. He said the roof would leak in a year if we did that and it was all wrong.I think he just didn’t want to mess with it. Would notching them now to make them fit help any at all?

I’m not sure why putting the drip edge under would cause a leak, perhaps he thought the only way to reattach them would be on top of the shingles? That’s the only reason I could think he would say that.

You can notch for the straps and it would look a bit better from below but it wouldn’t help any with the ridges and bumps on the roof. Those could cause leaks over time. I would recommend removing the bottom courses and reinstalling the drip edge. Then instead of using hex head screws use a pan head so they come flush with the strap and will let the shingle sit flatter.

I’m wondering how they got the old material from under the straps when they tore off, somtimes all the stuff will pull out but most straps you have to take loose anyway

Just worked on one today. had to take straps loose one at a time to get all debris out. I don’t like them cause I get concerned about losing pitch on gutters in this situation.

Bill, Am going to do what you suggested–thanks everyone for help.

Fwiw, if you think what you have qualifies as a “disaster”, then you haven’t seen a roofing disaster before.

That’s kind of how I’m looking at it now. My roof is flat and looks pretty good. I can have it fixed pretty easy and it won’t leak so not stressin’ about anymore. You got to put this stuff in perspective–thanks.

i flat out refuse to put hangers through a new roof i just installed…just dumb dumb…you might as well shoot a series of holes with yer nailer and walk away from it…a true roofer would take his time and slide drip edge underneath or like previously stated notch yer drip so it looks good…you want your old hangers back on then i will …buttt. no warranty my friend

take up knuckleheads metal and install new edge metal
then rehang gutter. mite be able to use gutter spikes.
can u use gutter spikes? get rid of the hangers all together?


sorry gweedo i disagree …nothin personall but ya need to use hidden hangers …they clip inside of the lip and ya screw them into the facia not through the brand new roof(i just installed)