Roof estimate

i am going to have some relatives replace my roof for me and i want to pay them based on their work time. i know most roofers just estimate by the job size. is there an approximate time frame for how long it should take to do a tearoff and reshingle. approximate 21sq.

Too many variables. Post pics and your locale if you want a accurate estimate but oof the top of my head I’d say 5 squares per man per day. That’s tear/clean/install.

i’ll take that number it sounds close to what i was thinking. how about laying new wood? approximate 65 pieces of plywood. same thing time.
my relatives arent big on getting money for helping out family but i know this is a big job and i want to give them something for their time.

Full redeck is a lot easier than piecing in smaller rotten bits here 'n there.

One question about paying - if they do a crummy job (if they haven’t done roofing before then this is a possibility) will you feel better about bitching 'cause you paid them? This means a free labor job would = “Hey, don’t complain about it 'cause we did the work for free!”

Also, what’s the pitch? Are they able to load debris directly off the roof into a trailer or is the design / location of a driveway too far away from the possible trailer or dumpster location? That = more work as well.

yes they are construction guys roofs,decks,siding they do it all. as for dumpster yes right next to the house so one side will be just a slide off and into dumpster. 7/12 for pitch plus a big dormer area with 4/12

where i am at we charge $55 per sheet for deck replacement and for the tear off roughly with out seeing it 21 sq reroof 30 year shingle @240 per sq.

65x55 = 3575
21x 240= 5040

rogh estimate for my location = 8615.00 so if i had family doing it id give them half of what i save they make money u save money.

to gregha73:
240/sq… WOW… how much is ur insurance?.. work-comp? i mean, how can u afford all the expences, and still make money?

gregha73 thanks for the response what would you give me for a time on the project that is my main estimater i know what they make an hour at their own jobs so i want to get an estimate of time on this project.

no more than 3 days if they are expireinced 2 .1 day tear off and dry in and load 1 day shingling if they are slow could be 4-5 days i would say no more than 3 if they roof if not 4-5 24hrs good roofer max time on that job slow max 4-5 40 hours you could givem a grand a piece and still save a few your self paying them 20-25 hr

Nothing worse than a “do it all” worker roofing a house. It’s best to have a profesional who just does roofing to roof your house, just like the siding, gutters, windows, etc.

I tore off 21 sq’s in 7 hours cleaned and ready for felt when I was 15. My father dropped me off and came back the moment the last nail was swept off the roof into the dump trailer, sort of odd timing ah? My father and I with two grunts would be able to do your house from start to finish in one day, but would cost you around $5K. Then again together we have over 45 years experiance doing one thing, roofing.