Roof Fixings.. Collated?

I’m from New Zealand for fixing roofing iron we typically use Weatherseal nails which is a 60 or 75mm Long Flat head nail with a Bonded washer assembled on the head. We also use Steel/Timber “Tek” Screws which have a Hexagon Washer head in a Galv Finish. These are both loose in a box.
I was wondering if anyone uses some sort of automated collated system to screw/nail down the Roofing Iron. It seems like a time consuming job fixing down a roof 1 fastener at a time in a tek gun.
If there is a system, does anyone have a website?

To my knowledge, there is no such product available (collating) & we also use washered nails & hex headed screws, self tapping for wood & metal applications (although the screws are more common than the nails).

Look under duraspin screw fastening.
The only product I know of the is close to what you are asking about.
I sounds like you are describing corrugated metal decking, but I am not sure…