Roof Flashing question

I was wondering if I can solicit some opinions of roofers out there for a recently installed OC Duration Storm Shingle roof to replace an old concrete tile roof. I have a couple of concerns related to the quality of the installation that I would like to get some feed back on:

  1. The roofers left the 30 + year old flashing on the house between the roof and the side and head walls as well as between the roof and gutters. Because the old roof was tile there was no step flashing, just solid pieces of galvanized steel. Is this standard best practice? Reading code as well as the owens corning install guide, step flashing looks to be recommended / required on side walls.

  2. See the attached image for reference - on several overhangs, water seems to flow off / onto fascia rather than be directed into gutters. Is this normal?

Thank you


You have what is called continuous flashing, it is less than ideal for asphalt shingles but is made to work just fine daily all over the country, if done correctly.

As for the 2nd question the gutters likely need to be redone to function properly, I don’t see an issue in the picture posted.

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Can you post a pic that shows the flashing better?

Please see attached. thanks for your help

Functionally correct, but sloppy workmanship. Would not have taken that much effort to install proper stepflashings in that sidewall. And I don’t see any issue with the gutter either.

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Thank you for taking a look and your reply

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