Roof flashing - sandstone wall, what do you think?

What do you think about this repair?

After about 16 yrs. the caulking on this wall counter flashing was going bad.

I cut out the old caulk, chiseled a mortar joint into the stone, set a lead cap over the old copper and mortared the joint.

Do you forsee any problems???
Anything you would do different??

No roof cement? What kind of roofer are you? :slight_smile:

beautiful as always dennis.

these fools used aluminum step flashing with slate and copper counter flashing?

S&G, nah, the runoff from the solder joints above oxidized the step flashing more than the counter flashing. You can see the streaks above. the light bluish color does’nt show up so good in the pic.

Very nice match on the mortar coloration.

Can you educate me on posting pictures to this board please? I have some posted on Roofers Review Thank you, but unsure how to upload here like you do.
Thanks very much Walter Musson


It is easiest to do this with two browser windows open.
Open or, then press ( CTRL+N )on your keyboard at the same time to open a new window and open the other site.
Log in to your photo album.
Find/go to the picture you want to post.
In the column on the left, find and click Get item URLs
That brings up a list of links.
Look under BBCode Formatted Links
You can choose a simple link, a thumbnail link, or a resized pic link.
On the right is text ( Click to Copy ), just click the one you want,
the link will be saved to your clipboard, ( it’s the same as highlighting and copying )
Then go to and the post area and paste the link in your message.

Thank you Dennis-I’ve got a valley repair on slate tomorrow and I’ll try posting some shots in the evening.
I appreciate the help Walter