Roof glue

I have a partially flat roof that needs to be replaced. We do not have an attic, so our roof is rather thin and the screws that are usually used to attach the insulation are too long and would be seen from inside the house. Another option is to use a special roof glue to attach the insulation. Does anybody have any experience with that? Is it durable? I appreciate your comments.

Hi have installed several flat roofs of with many types of membranes,PVC ,EPDM, Modified bitumen etc using insulation adhesives rather than deck screws.A good roofing supplies shop should be able to assist you which adhesive to use with each system.
What type of flat roof system are you considering on using? Will you be using a vapor barrier? Insulation?

sounds like you have a tounge and groove ceiling.

how far apart are the beams(rafters)?
if there evrey 2 feet or so, you can fasten over the rafters.

make sure how thick your deck boards are,cause
sometimes the deck is 2" thick and you can fasten into it without busting through.

what ever you do make sure someone is around when they start to yell at someone
"hey ! stop! your screw is comin thruogh."

one of the first things you learn as a roofer is check and see what kind of ceiling you have.
if its open ( yours).
if you have one at all.


Polyurethane foam insulation adhesive would work good. Most roofing manufactures market it and most commercial suppliers should have it.
It has excellent wind uplift resistance as long as it stays dry.

You can use Oly-500 I believe its called. Comes in a two tube compound there are 4 in a carton and one carton should cover about 2.5 sqs if I remember correctly. Anyhow it goes on the deck you lay your Poly-Iso over it per say and then fully adhere your membrane either TPO, PVC, EPDM or you can do a BUR. It should cure almost instantly at minimum temp. of 45-50 degrees.

Try Insta-Stik, or you can try Soprema’s HVIA adhesives if you can get your hands on them.

There is always the proven, time tested, good old BUR with a mopped down insulation.

so many post end with Axiom.
a good roofer.
i know he goes back on alot of his roofs,
not to fix them but to see how they are doing.

to learn what works the best.


Thank you Gweedo.

Thank you everyone. I was afraid of using an alternative to what is usually done out of ignorance but it sounds as if using this glue is not that uncommon. Our beams are too spaced apart for the suggestion gweedo gave (about 4 ft). Is there any difference in terms of duration of the roof when compared with the screws?


Not good.

if you have 4ft spaced rafter beams then you probably
have 2" thick deck boards, inwhich you will be able to
fasten with screws anywhere.