Roof/Gutters Replacement Question

Had our roof replaced by insurance company due to hail damage like a week ago. Gutters were replaced this week. Looks like gutter apron wasn’t replaced while roof was reinstalled. After the new gutters were installed this, I see that there are nail holes in the gutter apron from old gutters being removed and new gutters nailed in at different spots. When I ask the installer, he says it shouldn’t be an issue as the gutters go under the apron and any water going in the holes in apron should be stopped by the gutter underneath so basically, they reused the gutter apron. Is this going to be an issue? Any advice or help is appreciated.

He says they had to do this as gutters to my home run all around and they can’t do gutters and roof at the same. If they had to do the new apron they had to remove the existing one at the time of roofing which requires removing all the gutters first.

12 year old home in small town South Dakota.

Thank you for reading and appreciate any input.

I can add pictures if necessary.

When settling an insurance claim, many homeowners tend to forget it is equally their responsibility to audit the scope of work as it is for the contractor to complete what has been detailed on the repair agreement. If the gutter apron was adversely affected by the work performed in the insurance repair contract, the insurance company may be liable to “make things right”. Suggesting this though, the replacement of drip edge and/or gutter apron is not an automatic requirement for hail damage claims as these components are generally not directly affected by hail. It should have been a “best practices” line item specified in the scope of work by the adjuster/contractor dispatched by the insurance company at the time the original repair assessment was assembled. It was your duty to question the scope of work being performed on your home.

Post pictures.

Thank you for your response. Here are some pictures.

You would be better off sealing those hole than you would installing new apron … at this point. Installing apron “after the fact” will damage the shingles and is hell to do.

Three observations:

  1. The gutter hangers should be behind the apron or at least notched into the apron. Did they screw the gutter hangers sirectly onto it?
  2. Why did they secure the gutter with a rubber roofing screw?
  3. The leading edge of the shingle in the first image looks damaged?

What do you suggest sealing off those holes with?

  1. Yes, They screwed the gutter hangers directly through the gutter apron. It was like that on the old gutters also. Not sure why they did that. He said since the old one was screwed in like that they had to do it the same this time.

  2. Not sure why they did that. Is this going to be an issue.

  3. That one looked damaged but, when I look at it closely it was not bad. Just some stuff on it.

Is there somethings that I can watch out for over the winter to make sure? I have a two year warranty on the workmanship for issues.

Is it normal procedure that they wanted to do roof first and then gutters?

Sorry if I am being annoying, I am a little worried that this could be very bad down the line.

I truly appreciate your responses.

They should seal the holes with gutter sealant. The back edge of the gutter should be behind the gutter apron and not on top of it as it defeats the purpose of the gutter apron all together. That’s how it is here in Canada at least but maybe another member might shed some better light on that? With reference to “Why did they do that”, that is best asked directly to them. Yes, normally the roof is completed first and then the gutter is installed afterward.

You are not being annoying as that is why this forum exisits, we’ll let you know if that changes. :wink:

Sorry, I may have confused you. The back edge of the gutter is behind the gutter apron and not on top of it right now. Installer said since the back edge of the gutter is behind the gutter apron, those holes from old gutter nails on the apron shouldn’t be any issue as whatever water that go through the holes should be stopped by the back edge of the gutter apron.

They put the back edge of the gutter behind the old gutter apron and screwed it in. old one was the same way and the holes from removing the nails of the old one exist on the gutter apron.

The installer is correct as long as the holes are lower than the back edge of the gutter. In any case, it’s not a real concern then.

Thank you very much. I will seal those holes off with a gutter sealant. Have a great weekend sir.

You as well and good luck!