Roof Hack of the Day

Okay, I’ve mentioned elsewhere I’ve got to get through to spring to have enough money to do my roof properly—and we all agree it disperatly needs a new rough. But I’ve got a good idea of what I need to do to patch it (involving tar and luck) but I had another thought…

What if I hired an inexpensive contractor (there’s a local roofing company that isn’t nearly as passionate and detailed-oriented as you guys are, but they are cheap cheap), anyway, when if I had them slap a cover of tabs on top of the front side of my house (the backside is healthy.) …there’s only one layer on there now.

…just a thought, but I could probably quite easily come up with the 3k I suspect they’d charge me.

And then in the spring, I’d have the whole thing ripped off and replaced properly.

Whattdya think!

sounds like a waste of money

What he said.


What he said.[/quote]




May God bless you.

It sounds to me that at that rate you may as well buy a ton of tarps and sandbags and lap it all properly. It will be about as effective and cost you a hell of a lot less. It’ll get you through the winter, hopefully minimizing any leaking. Your house will look like crap, and you may have problems with wind blowing the tarps, but you are going to have the same problems with stuck down cheap shingles getting blown all over the place. Either solution is a waste of money, its just a question how much are you willing to waste?