Roof identification metal shingle. Prob 20 yrs old

Trying to find the name / brand of this roof of mine. It is a metal shingle. Also trying to find replacement parts for the rake edge. the edge pieces are individual pieces not one long strip.

Some sort of aluminum shake. The “edge pieces” appear to be the rake end closures.

It would help to know your market. A little “googling” using the key words aluminum shake roofing will put you on your way. The aluminum shake roofs are not as popluar as they once were but still available.

If you can’t find the parts then take a piece to a competent roofer with a sheet metal shop and the can custom fabricate the simple pieces and probably install them if you don’t want to do it yourself.

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Country Manor would be my guess.

Made by

I think its available through:

Send a pic to Todd over at the metal roof alliance, i am sure he could identify it.

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Thanks guys! I have been trying to find some info on this roof for a while and you all have by far been the most help. Is Todd and metal roof alliance on this forum?
Thanks Again

Todd can be found on the MRA website, i believe he is manufacturer of the product you seek… if it is indeed country manor. If it is not his product line he would probably know who does make it:

I usually check if its aluminum or steel with my magnet. Alcoa was very popular in my area during the 80’s’ and 90’s. Most of them that are still around, the coatings have peeled off or worn off and they are a shiny can on the roof. It looks like an Alcoa to me, but I know some other manufactures copied the style.