Roof inspections

I want to start a roof inspection company. A business that can professionally conduct roof inspections without the need of going to school to be a certified home inspector or without a contractor’s license (the need to pay the high cost of insurance even though I will conduct no roofing work).

The problem I see here is that any roofing contractor can inspect a roof without going to school to getting a home inspector’s license.

In this case…I should be able to get Errors & Omiisions with some form of liability (in case I damage property or a person while conducting an inspection on a home

Does anyone have any input on this subject?

Buy a bullet proof vest. Other than that, no.

I don’t think that it will be a feasible option to start a roofing inspection business without a contractor’s license approval.There may be some govenment prohibition rules for this work.So be careful for this.

Unless you get your public adjusters license what would be the point every contractor looks at roofs for free. Why would homeowners pay for your service?

In my area all the guys doing inspections are either one of the 3: Licensed Roofing Contractors, Licensed Property Inspectors, or Licensed Engineering Firms. I do alot of paid inspections on both commercial and residential properties, but then again I am a licensed Roofing Contractor.

Why not get an inspector’s license? That’s probably the easiest of all 3 to get.


I get paid quite often to look at roofs. Infact I have numerous customers that pay us twice a year to look at the roof and send them photos of anything that might be wrong. Infact I will be doing 4 of these such inspections this week alone and did 1 last week.

I did a paid inspection last week for a land lord who hired a storm chaser and he thought there were some things wrong, and there were. It wasn’t the worst I looked at, but it had some flaws that needed to be corrected. I did a similar paid inspection for a home owner in early spring because another storm chaser fugged up her roof.

I charge an inspection fee for an estimate if the house is involved in a real estate transaction. Meaning if someone is buying or selling a property and wants an estimate on the roof, I charge for this.

I charge an inspection fee for most estimates if the customer says that the project is insurance/storm related. Last thing I want to get is involved with insurance work, I also tell the customer upfront I will be charging more than the insurance will pay.

I charge if the job is outside of my primary service area, meaning I will have to drive more than I want to. I don’t really have a set mileage on this as it’s more based on how they heard about us and how busy I am and what they want done. I once drove 4 hours one way for a commercial estimate on a shopping center.

Tinner is one guy who charges for all his estimates. I wish I had the balls to do that

People will say yes if you ask. Try it on a few leads if you’re too busy or the customer seems a little fishy.

I did not start the business yet as I will wait until late winter or early spring to start it.

My research concludes that it is not a viable full time business, only part time until marketing/advertising can be purchased and comes to fruition. small commercial and real estate egents.

I only need a contractors’ licence, becoming a paper contractor to be exact. This is an inexpensive route…where insurance & bonding issues are concerned.

Lastly…I want to be independent and objective as an inspector. Most persons who inspect for free intend to be objective…but end up being subjective as they have a future investment tied to the inspection…like a bid proposal.

Definitely, we are certified in roof repairing and roof inspection services having 15 years of experience in the same field. We commit to quality work thorough our expert roofers in roof installation, repairing and inspection. Visit our website for more information www(dot)olveraconstruction(dot)net

For what its worth and relating to our area…

A 4-point/home inspector is not a roofer and a licensed roofing contractor overrides their opinions anyway. I do work with a lot of agents and I cant tell you how many reports say “…recommend licensed roofer”.

Yes hiring a roofer to do an inspection can be viewed as being biased. I dont think finding a way to sell inspections without a roof license is a trade-off though …just to state: “we are not biased”. Most homeowners or realtors are happy to hear my advice because they associate a licensed roofer as the expert (biased or not). A credible reputation with wash out the biased notion anyway. Realtors operate on credibility.

The reality of it all is, if they “think” they may need someone to check the roof then there is probably at least some repairs needed anyway. Commonly the same reason roofers may elect not to charge to inspect.

Schedule then pay each $150: a roofer, plumber, electrician, and a/c guy when a 4-point is only $150-200? Thats going to be a tough sell to a realtor.

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I would think that you should just get a contractor’s license and in your advertisements highlight/target roof inspections. I’m pretty sure you would have to do more than just inspections to be able to survive. Folks that do roof inspections only are called insurance adjusters.

So what the job title of the person who works for the insurance company and looks at the elevations, interior of structure or your damaged vehicle called?