Roof leak questions

Hi: I do not know much about roofing but I ran into a couple problems with my roof that I would like to obtain answers from the experts.

In short, I live in San Antonio, Texas. This year we had rain for which we had four months straight. I did not have any problems with my roof but all of a sudden I notice staining on the ceiling in one bedroom. A trip to the attic showed that the insulation above the area was wet as well as in another area which is closer to some flashing.

I called a roofer out who sealed around all the flashing, vents, etc. There was no areas where the shingles are damaged or pop up shingles. He stated that the shingles do not leak.

My concern is that the repair was completed properly? and what should I be looking for. The roofer stated that the repair are covered under a 90 day warranty but my home still can be damaged. [/list]

We cant tell you if it was done properly because we dont know the cause .

Show us some pictures of the roof area and we might be able to help you.

If you dont feel safe walking on the roof dont get up there .


You need to look if there is water coming in the same area.

Some repairs may not look good but still work. Some repairs may look good and still leak.

99% of all leaks come from a flashing point. try to post pics.