Roof left with only felt paper, no tarp,and it poured for 3 hours. Found 32 yellow stains on ceiling next day

Hi. Can you tell me if I should be worried. I am having a new roof put on. The first day they ripped off the back and it was covered with felt and left this way. It rained hard for 3 hours. The next morning I had 32 yellow stains on the ceiling. Water was pouring off the roof when they started putting the shingles on. I called and was told the wet deck and inside my attic would dry out from the vents. A similar thing happened yesterday but it only rained lightly for about a half hour. They are back today, day four, but last night I felt one of the stains and it was still wet. No roof vents had been installed yet. Should I be worried about mold, or will it dry out ok once they are done. Thanks for any help you can give.

You have a big problem and they are obviously lying to you. I would get your insurance company involved immediately.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I hope I can get it straightened out.

lmao,few years ago my insurance paid twice for tje same ceiling stains and stuff,caught random downpour with no signs of rain on radar.since then i only tear off and paper what i can nail same day,also emergency tarps on the roof all the time.

id go after their general liability and redo your interiors.fuck those careless guys.

Do not let them steamroll you. You should get a relative or friend/neighbor to advocate for you. They seem to be trying to take advantage of you and there is a special place in hell for people who do that, especially in light of the name you’re using.

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Yes, I know those who steal the cloak of a widow are held accountable by God. I fear they will get away with whatever may have been done wrong. I can talk to my insurance agent and let him know what happened. But it’s really not his job to deal with it. I don’t have anyone who can help me out with this.
I used this company before, because they were referred to me as reputable and decent people. I had no problem then. When I expressed my concern about moisture in the attic, the scheduler said there was no need to worry because of the vents. But old vents were removed and filled in. Only today did they cut and install new vents. When I told him about the stains he said they would take care of it. Also a hole that was made in my ceiling when they dropped a saw through an opening.
I just read that shingles should never be installed over wet or damp paper. Maybe they were sweeping the water off which caused the water to be coming over the edge when I looked out. Maybe they didn’t do wrong. I believed them to be trustworthy people. IDK. It’s not like I went out at that time to see what they were doing. I was just trusting them to do it right.
This time took four days and was just so stressful, I never want to go through this again. I think I just have to trust God to take care of me on this one. Thank you for your concern. I appreciate it. I’ll do my best.

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Thanks for your thoughts. I will talk to my insurance agent, as this was a claim due to hail damage and I really don’t want the second payout until someone can assure me about mold. But at this point, I fear I won’t be able to find someone to go into the attic and check it out. I tried to get up there myself but I can’t get the ladder moved to the hatch. I did get the hatch moved a little so at least some air could circulate.

I would not worry about mold or shingles installed over wet paper. If we couldn’t install over wet underlayment no one in the Pacific Northwest would be putting roofs on. The issue is your wet ceiling, which seemingly is permanently damaged. When you sell you are now required to check he box that says you HAVE HAD water intrusion. Your insurance company should absolutely be involved because they will go after the roofers liability to make you whole, which is the right thing to do. Do not let it go.

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I am just another homeowner and I want to second Tileman’s and the other roofers’ advice. Your agent will send an adjuster who will not only be able to move the ladder and access your attic but will know what to look for and have the right tools to assess damage. Since this is already a claim, the roofer will need to satisfy the insurance company not a naive homeowner, like you and me.

This may not please the roofer but you were looking for a roof not a new best friend.

I agree with Tileman… Do not let the insurance company or the sketchy roofer get away with this. This sounds like a case of sloppy workers, followed by management covering their own butts. The vents will never dry out soaking wet insulation, regardless of vent count.

Ok. Thanks for telling me. I actually did call my agent last night when they were done. He will call me back this morning. I didn’t know that they would send someone out. I thought they said to let them know when it was done and they would issue the second check. Thanks so much for your time.

Thanks for your info. As I said to Tileman, I did not realize that they would send someone out. I thought I would have to do this myself or find someone to do it. It’s not like I want to cause trouble for roofing compnay. I just feel like I can’t sign off on the work until I know the status of the attic and the shingle job.

Thank you for your comment. I will get a call back from my agent this morning and let him know of my concerns. I will feel much better knowing that the attic has been checked out and their assessment of the roof.

Well, I just talked with my agent and he informed me that they don’t send their adjuster to follow up after a job is done. He said he would call the company and tell them about my concerns and also speak with one of their adjusters to see what they would reccomend. IDK it just seems like it might not be the best idea to have the company inspect their own work and sign off on it, even though, as far as I know they are a good company. I just can’t find out who I can get to check it out.
Thanks to everyone for your comments.

Get away from the initial claim and adjuster for now. You have a new claim for water damage and your insurance company will go after the responsible party to keep from paying it themselves.


Whatever promises they make need to be in writing signed and dated.
It maybe advantageous for you to not only speak to your insurance agent but if there is a local TV station that has support( in our community if there is a business taking advantage of homeowner it’s reported and aired … it’s called channel 6 on your side. And usually the issues are quickly resolved.

Also I’d talk to a lawyer… lots of initial consults are free. _And then if applicable you get to decide to proceed.
I’d also call the owner directly and have him come out to site … take pics of ceiling water damage and leaks…date and time stamp everything .