ROOF maintenance program

Hey guys i need help bad. I have a bid for preventive maintenance … they want an annual inspection done on this roof , they want to know what repairs are covered and how many and they want regular roof maintenance and whats covered… I have no clue where to start i haven’t implemented a roofing maintenance contract , does any one have one i can revise or use or study. please help.

Charge whatever for the annual inspections and deal with repairs on a time and material basis as they surface. No good can come from them paying up front for future repairs, either they will get screwed or you will. Establish trust by delivering clear, detailed reports accompanied with photographs and there shouldn’t be a problem with this arrangement.

You’re selling an inspection program to advise and then perform maintenance as needed, not insurance.

thank you

a lot of the bigger companies in my area actually have preventive maintenance contracts and include a certain amount of repairs and monthly and anual dues. I found some pretty good stuff so far hopefully i can get a couple of idea from everyone else on this site and I will post all my findings to help all of you make more money with these agreements too. So if anyone has anything please ad.

With my big commercial accounts, we will go in and inspect the roof, give them a price to fix the problems. and from that point we charge on a T&M basis. Whenever they call, we are there to fix the problems.

We also stress 2 inspections a year, one right after winter and one right after summer. and again T & M.