Roof Measurement - IRoofing, Roofgraf, or etc

I have recently went thru demos with IRoofing and Roofgraf. I wanted to reach out to see what the thoughts are on these products, or if there are any other better suggestions. I am a small start up contractor and am particularly looking for accurate measurement information as you would get thru Eagleview. Tks

First things first. You said accurate and Eagleview in the same sentence and they don’t go together.

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Lol. Should have said somewhat accurate? Just interested in the tech savvy ways contractors are doing things. Tks for cheap aerials from GAF. It can be free if you learn how to use GIS mapping tools

I prefer Hover. The best sketch your own is Roofsnap. Not a fan of Eagleview at all.

So what did you end doing, did you end up using any of these products?

If not, did you find something else?