Roof pitch and designer shingles

Is there a minimum pitch the roof should have so that designer shingles will be fully appreciated. My roof is only 6/12 and I don’t know if it is worth it to buy a Camelot shingle only to have it not show it’s potential.

any thoughts? Thanks.

Chibolita, dont waste your money on designer shingles for a 6/12.

Thanks Corry. I didn’t think so.

well it may not show like a 9 and 12 roof but if you have decent visibility of your roof surface then it might still look good.

How about a pic of your house? Is it a one story or two?

It’s a one story. I’m trying to post a picture. Give me til tomorrow.

Here’s my house. Hope this worked.

I can see lots of roof. And it looks ugly, fix it :mrgreen:

Does the slope look steep enough for designer shingles? I’m pretty sure it’s a 6/12.

I think there is enough visibility of your roof to go with the camelot.

is this picture from a standing point or kneeling point of view?? looks low to me or your plants are huge out front!

its borderline but i think you would be able to see the design well. are you only going with a designer shingle for the looks? how about the life span? what shingles are you deciding between?

It does look low. I was standing when I took the picture too and I can’t figure out why it looks so low! It looks like I was sitting on the sidewalk.

You’re right, it is borderline. I love the look of Camelot and the Certainteed Carriage House shingles, but the pitch of my roof just makes me think they won’t work.

I have decided that I am either going with a Certainteed Landmark TL or a GAF Lifetime Prestique. Quality-wise, any opinions.

Thanks for the help!

If you want to keep the thick look of shakes you will want to go with a thick laminate roof.

Last year tore off medium shakes on a 4/12 and put on Landmark TL’s. Of course you couldn’t see a lot of the shingles but the profile looked nice and thick. Most of the homes in the area had either shakes or high end asphalt.

I do want to keep a dimensional look. I considered 3/4" wood shake, but I don’t know how they will stand the test of time with the fire treatment required here. I heard that all but 7% of the oils are extracted. Also with asphalt, does the temperature in the attic get much hotter with proper venting? Thanks for the help.

Camelots would look nice on that roof.

ID recommend the Landmark TL. wonderful thick shingle.

just make sure that the installer knows that it takes more time to install then typical 30-40 year. it must be warm out for it to lay flat for installation as they get wavy in the bundles. i had to prewarm my TL shingles in the sun before i could install them. They also can only nail in the triple laminated section which is small so care must be taken. Also care must be taken when handling the shingle because if it is bent at all it will break or tear near the nailing line. the reason they break is because when you have three layers, it cant flex like two layers can. just some precautions to look out for.

I would use the CertainTeed TL over the GAF/Elk Prestique Lifetime without question.

To me CertainTeed is the better quality shingle of the two. Great thick, chunky shingle will give that roof some pop for sure.

As far as ventalation/heat build up, I’ve not seen any reports that show shingles holding more heat in an attic than wood shakes. That being said, proper attic ventalation is key is ensuring your roof lasts and performs as long as it should. If you don’t ventalate, that gives ANY shingle manufacturer a reason to deny a claim. Not worth the chance IMO.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone. I’m going with Certainteed. I really appreciate all the input.

Hi, your roof is a 7/12…I’m the guy who did repairs.Yes it will look good on it, just depends how much your willing to spend.-Ray