Roof repair bad bidding?

Hey I hope you guys can give some advice any will help:) I just got my general contractors license in Washington and I mainly work for realtors doing exterior maintenance and I am getting all my roof repair bids (I don’t do no roofs yet) and when i get all my bids that worry’s me I think I’m way under bidding I charge about 600 per a square on a regular roof I have no idea what to charge any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

What do you mean by repairs? Are you replacing a bundle here and there, reflashing walls etc?
I tend to get a lot of the repair work I bid as well, simply because in the middle of roofing season a lot of guys don’t bother.
I have a minimum fee I charge, and I tell them what it is over the phone. If they agree to that they usually just want it fixed properly.


We do a ton of repair work. We specialize in higher end roofing and alot of slate and tile work, flashing and valley replacement. Personally I would rather replace a couple valleys in slate for 10k vs shingle a rancher.

Call 3 roofing companies in your area and get 3 bids. Then find a median. That’s the best route.