Roof repair business question

Hello everyone,
I have a friend that used to work for me. He came to me asking some questions about starting his own company. His question to me was could he start a company just providing roof repair services, chimney flashing repair ect.
He is a very good sales closer, and he is very knowledgeable in the roofing industry. He has some good contacts and some great ideas for it. So my question to you guys is , do you think a company could survive on just repairs if it was a one or two man operation? What are your thoughts?
Thank you
-WB Exteriors

Absolutely. If you are located in the country it might be tough, but anywhere near a major city, absolutely.

I think your friend could do very well. If you say he is a good sales closer, and he has reliable workers to repair well, then he will succeed. Of all home repairs, roof repair is the hardest and dangerous DIY. Homeowners always need help with roof repair.

I never needed sales skills to sell repairs. Most people are happy enough just to have someone finally come and look at it. Repairs can bring a nice profit.

Most of the repair calls I ever got,lead to Full Roof replacement…I guess that is cause I don’t try to sell the repair… :roll:

We do tons of repairs.It is a large part of our business. Repairs are done buy our service dept. Good $.


I have a crew that just does repairs.

Answer # 1: Why is this under the heading of “Construction & Technique” instead of the “Roofing Business” tab?

Answer # 2: Actually, repairs can often be more lucrative to a company’s bottom line than only doing total re-roofing. The hard part is making sure that the repair person you have will be thorough enough & get the job done right the first time. PLUS, often a repair is needed right then & there, not for a salesperson to look @ the project, then quote a price & wait a day or two for the repair crew / person(s) to get there & get started. If someone calls for service, they are usually ready to go right then.

Answer # 2a: Repairs feed the rest of the company for full re-roofing projects both right then ("We could repair this & that for _______ , however by the time we're done you would have spent 75% of what it would cost to perform total re-roofing, which is _______ ") as well as "Hi, I’m calling because your company did a repair for me 2 years ago & now

-we have an issue in another part of the roof
-it’s time to sell the house
-we want to do a complete re-roofing
-we had hail
-we are adding onto the house
-we have a commercial property that we [need a roof for / need repairs to, etc.]

When can you come out & take a look?"

So, yeah - you really REALLY want to have a good repair “department”.

i get a ton of repair calls and a lot of home owners don’t have the money for a full roof so repairs can bring in a good chunk business.

First time I posted and it went into the wrong catagory, OOPS! I told him they often lead to re-roofs in the future. Thank you for all of your thoughts. It helped him make his mind up very quickly and is in the process of setting up his company, advertising. ect. He is excited for spring! Good luck in this year hope things turn around for everyone
-WB Exteriors