Roof repair

my neighbor’s house has a shingled roof approx.11 yrs.old. One area above the garage leaks when it rains very hard. It is made obvious by the markings on the drywall ceiling. He said that the shingles were installed without roofing felt. Is it possible to repair or is he better off replacing the roof. The repair area is small and the is no visible damage to the sheating from the underside

Not having the felt is not the CAUSE of the leak, though if the roof leaked the felt may have stopped the leak from getting into the house. Are there shingles blown off? Is that how he can see the felt? If so, then that’s the leak, repair the shingles. Eleven years old in a climate similar to mine… a good roofer should probably be able to repair the leak.

Repair the damaged/deficient area if you know where and what it is, unless it is something major. Just because the roof doesn’t have the felt underlayment, which is used as a vapor retarder, doesn’t mean the roof needs to be replaced. That would be like selling your house because grass won’t grow in the backyard.

hey shermit,
yeah just go up there , over the area, and look for an exsposed roofin nail, or a crack/rip in shingle, a hole, anything that doesnt look rite.
get back to us with what you find.