Roof repairing in North Wales , PA

The wind blow off some of shingle on the roof. The water driped in my son’s room on the edge of the roof. I need recommedation for the roof repair in North Wales, PA 19454 area. Thanks.

Assuming the rest of the roof is in fair-to-good condition, sounds like all you should need are some shingles replaced and a little drywall work.

The water drop down the ceiling of my son’s room. What kind of the material I need to fix the ceiling. Thanks.

That would be drywall you can get it at a local home improvement store.


Unless it is plaster. Then drywall will not work. The house’s in his area could be plaster.

You are correct on that. Is there anything else you would like to point out to me Lefty? Since you have every answer.

The ceiling is dry wall . The contractor said first we need to use plaster to mend the crack and then paint. Thx. I plan to do that myself.