Roof replaceement question , Nationwide

I have recently contracted with a customer that I have had 1998, the roof was 52 squares total. The Nationwide adjuster in 1998 was a cat adjuster, no problems we had 10 shingles left of an architect roof. I contracted with the customer in 2017 , the adjuster said it was 46 squares. I sent 52 squares to the job and sure enough , it was right on . I sent the adjuster the first claim paperwork along with receipts of the material she said that she didn’t care about the other claim that she was right. She will not budge , what other recourse do I have?

First off, you shouldn’t have proceeded without first getting Nationwide to approve it. Real simple there. Now, you can have the HO call, explain the situation and ask for it to be reconciled. She should tell them the contractor is billing for 52 squares, they have to pay it so Nationwide needs to pay them. If the adjuster refuses, the HO must demand to speak with the Adjuster’s manager. If none of that works, you can go to appraisal or have the HO seek an attorney. Be sure to file a complaint, with the proper documentation, with the Director of the State’s Department of Insurance.

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