Roof Replacement

My roof was recently damaged in a wind/rain storm in San Clemente, Ca. It is an almost flat built-up roof )pitches approx 10-15 Degrees center to the front and back). Because of the age (25 years I will replace the entire roof. I would like to knoww the best and 2nd best application for this roof. I have been told several types (?):
asphalt with rock; asphalt with regular and modified cap sheet; torchdown cap sheet; torch down rubberized cap sheet; and torch down Dipiten (?)…I don’t need the cadillac type, just what would be most appropriate. I will probably sell the property in 5-7 years.
Thank you for your help.

If it has enough pitch you could also look at metal.

Go with the what the most reputable roofing contractor suggest.

My name is mike The Roof Guru. I am a certified single ply installer. I noticed that you are in CA. making you roof a grate canidate for single ply. You will get more life for the same amount of money as hot mop. TPO membrane is a thermo plastic welded rubber roof that has an energy star rating. That means tax credit and lower air conditioning costs. I wold advise you to research [Versico tpo]

There are many reasons for the roof damage, heavy rains, snow, strong winds. All these natural problems are not in control to a human being. So how to go for the cure is one who gives you the long term solution regarding your problem.

Your posts are starting to make a little sense liqroof.