Roof Ridge Job Quality Question

My house is a 2 family single level ranch with a whole lot of roof (about 2 “typical” houses worth of roof). The place was originally built in the 1920’s and had a lot of old planks instead of plywood used for roofing material. I just spent a lot of money for a company to tear out and replace the entire roof (framing, shingles, and everything in between). I just noticed today when inspecting the attic that we can actually see some of the shingles from inside at the top ridge of the roof at the very peak. Is this normal or was this job done incorrectly? I assumed that we should only see plywood and nails from inside the attic and not the actual shingles. I’m no expert but we spent tens of thousands of dollars for this job and I wanted to make sure this was done correctly. Attached is a picture of the roof peak from inside the attic. You can see where the plywood ends and the roof shingles are visible.

What you are looking at is a cutout for the ridge vent. It is common to see a shingle or two near the ends of the ridge vent. The middle should all be open and you should only be looking at the bottom side of the vent. In most instances the plywood or plank decking should be cut back on both sides of the ridge beam.

what old fella mpa said. should be a few inches cut back on each side of ridge. depending on type of ridge vent and brands specs.