Roof to wall vent

I have a partial tuck under garage on a split level home. I’m wondering how to install a vent where the roof meets the wall of my house. Something like half of a ridge vent. The only product I could find was this Is there something else out there or a better way to vent a roof like this?

They have a product that will work for that scenario. Even their smartvent can be cut to work in that situation.

No need to cut smartvent. It bends into and ‘apron flashing’ and goes up the wall also.

I have never felt good about putting a vent under apron flashing.

I’m sure you have figured something out by now for your roof to wall venting issue. If you ever run across this situation again try using VTF vent it is sold at ABC supply and Wimsatt Building supply. This product is the most esthetically pleasing and easy to install product for that purpose. Check it out at